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Our Senior Leadership  and management Team believes passionately in learning, delivering and putting results on the table. This team carries out recruitment and interviewing of new staff, finance and management duties.

This team is led by the board of directors at the executive wing followed by various heads of school at the administrative wing

Senior management team at Matugga main administration block.

Teaching staff at Kazo

Teaching staff here will deliver excitement and wonder in education for your child through their inspiring approach to teaching. Each class delivers with termly goals and targets. All teachers are result oriented and handle children as individuals not as groups putting in mind individual difference that exist within learners.

Support staff at Kazo

Meet our dedicated team of support staff who work to make our school great. The team comprises school nurse, bursars, kitchen staff, Askaris, Matrons, Kitchen staff and others. All with one goal “to promote the welfare of the pupils”

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