Prefects body


Prefects are chosen each year from primary 3 to primary seven to assist teachers in various supervisory duties on a daily basis, particularly on campus and during Class time. Prefects must be familiar with school rules and exhibit positive attitudes. They have the authority to report all misconduct and indiscipline cases to the teacher on duty or any school administrator.

Serving as a prefect is considered an honor. It does much to encourage and develop positive and responsible attitudes/behaviors. All prefects must fulfill the following criteria:

• Be well disciplined
• Must possess leadership qualities especially in exercising justice and fair play
• Have not been culprits of serious misconduct in the school
• Should maintain an average of division 2 or better in all tests and exams
• Must be punctual, dependable, polite and courteous
• Must set a good example at all times both on and off school premises

All pupils who fulfill all the above set requirements are free to apply for any leadership role of their choice the moment the posts are advertised.

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