Head Prefect’s Message

I am very grateful to the school staff for believing in my potential and giving me the opportunity to serve my school as the head girl.

From the very first day in the school, I have learnt many lessons not just limited to academics but about life. And on the basis of that, I can surely say that Ridgeway is not just a school where one is only taught lessons related to curriculum; instead it is a school where one is taught lessons related to life as well.

My fellow pupils, I feel proud to say that we have performed very well as far as academics, sports & co-curricular activities are concerned but these are still opportunities for enhancement. So we need to engage ourselves in working all our

weak areas and optimizing our performance.

According to me there are four pillars of  success; Desire, Determination, Discipline and Direction. I also request the older pupils to take all the responsibility of guiding the younger ones, be exemplary motivate them to strive towards excellence.

Many of us have developed leadership taints and grown through different levels of developing this career. From here I feel like I can now dream of higher levels of leadership like being the speaker of parliament or member of parliament.

Lastly, I urge all pupils to work hard in their respective areas so that we can remain the best as “we educate to build a nation”. May God bless you all.

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